Turn your Window XP to Window 7!

Well cool isn’t it? You actually do not need to purchase Windows 7 if your intention was to get the feel of the new design. For those who are still using the ‘old’ Window Xp due to under a tight budget or perhaps just do not care, fret not. This post is just specially for you!

Before I started, I would like to show you my desktop to prove to you guys that it really works!

Tada! It works!

First of all, the first step. Simply download the necessary files here. Small in size, total 14mb only. Extract the files right after downloading it.

Secondly, you will see folders label ‘step 1’, ‘step 2’ and etc. Easy, just install step by step as per indicated by the names!

Lastly, still can’t figure out how to actually do it? No worries, play the short 5 minutes video below to really guide you step by step if you really just can’t catch it!