The best media player that you can use to watch your video!

For this week, I’m gonna talk about media player. Do you know that you actually have a media player preloaded on your computer? For Windows user, you will have the Windows Media Player whereas for Mac user, you will have the Quicktime player.

What actually defines as the best media player? From my perspective, I would say that the best player is the player that can play HD videos smoothly without using a lot of your computer RAM usage. The more RAM usage that your computer uses, the slower your computer will be.

Alright as usual, I will list down the best media player that is FREE and probably the best on the internet! This is based from my usage experience and through research. Well those are better than Windows Media Player and Quicktime player,thus don’t hesitate to try them!

1. VLC Media Player – Speechless. Probably one of the best among the rest. Practically can play any video files that you can throw to it. The player plays the video smoothly without any problems and it uses low memory!

2. Daum Potplayer – Similar to VLC Media Player, however it is second best due to the fact that it requires more memory than it. The program includes a long list of built-in audio and video codecs that enable you to play almost any media format you can think of too.

3. Media Player Classic Home Cinema – Another lightweight media player, supported most video formats too. For those who frequently uses RMVB video files, I would highly recommend you’ll to download this now!

4. SMPlayer – Yet another good player. It will definitely enhance your movie watching experience on your own computer. Don’t believe me? Do check out their ratings then!

5. ALShow – A newcomer among those listed above. It enables video, audio and screen capturing. You can even bookmark scenes from movies! Well the best and awesome thing about this player is that you can quickly hide and mute a video by just pressing the ESC button while engross watching. This can prevent you from being caught red handed by your boss or your parents for watching “secretly” videos, you know what I mean!

Do drop by your comments! Share with us with regards to the Media Players that you are using right now. Enjoy your day!